Your Indulgent Oenology

Awaken to the undiscovered and perhaps unexpected delights of Bali’s wine making. Whether it is sampling award winning wines or local specialities, we invite you to imbibe on a unique and eye opening experience.

Our two day introduction to the very best of Balinese wines will take place in the north of the island, a region sculpted by the tumultuous forces completely at odds with the lush, verdant environment we see today. It is these iconic volcanoes that have produced fertile ground, ripe for the vine whose grapes you will become acquainted with – both in and out of the glass.

Your Accommodation
Your luxury accommodation in the northern part of Bali will help you ease away any stress and invite you to relax into two days of fine food and finer wines. Spa treatments and private pools will ensure complete peace and tranquillity.

Your Wine Experience
Visit a top winery to sample acclaimed expressions whilst learning the delicate processes that have ensured these wines are world class. Come off the beaten track and meet with local brewers of the delicious Arak to get a sense of Bali’s diverse and unique culture. An exceptional dinner on Saturday night, paired with exclusive wines from the vineyards as well as a sparkling wine brunch on Sunday, will be on offer.

Whether you are looking for a short break away from the stresses of a busy life or want to explore an unseen side to Bali, you can expect a weekend of blissful indulgence for mind, body and soul.

Scope of Services
✔ Vineyard and wine production tour
✔ Wine tasting at vineyard
✔ Two night stay at an authentic Balinese villa
✔ Wine pairing dinner
✔ Sparkling wine brunch
✔ All meals and a selection of beverages
✔ Spa treatment
✔ Transport
✔ SIM card

Destination Bali, Indonesia

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2,700.00 SGD
2,700.00 SGD

Availability: In stock

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