Your Indulgent Culinary Masterclass

Balinese cuisine is one of the most complex and delicious in the world. On this trip embrace the skills and techniques necessary to create tantalizing Balinese dishes from the roots up. Rather than simply preparing meals in a kitchen however, you’ll delve into the jungle and discover the hidden ingredients that will be turned into mouth-watering masterpieces. When it comes to cooking in the evening, our chef will ensure you create a delicious meal to enjoy under the stars.

Find yourself immersed in the ancient art of Jamu. This Indonesian approach to wellness takes the form of herbal treatments designed to promote both inner and outer beauty. Learn a little of this holistic healing art, ensuring the tradition is maintained.

Your Accommodation
It isn’t all chopping and stirring however, your resort offers plenty of opportunity to wind down and relax. Whether it is easing out of those knotted stresses with a traditional massage or soaking in views from your villa, you can be sure that you end the weekend at peace, rejuvenated and more importantly – well fed.

Scope of Services
✔ Traditional Balinese cooking class
✔ Ancient Jamu techniques
✔ Jungle trek and lunch in a traditional warung
✔ Two night stay in northern Bali
✔ All meals and a selection of beverages
✔ Spa treatment
✔ Transport
✔ SIM card

Destination Bali, Indonesia

Availability: In stock

1,450.00 SGD
1,450.00 SGD

Availability: In stock

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