Your Artistic Identity

Abstract | Self | Body | Portrait

In this thought provoking playful arts workshop, you will interpret your own perception of self. Beginning by outlining your form on canvas, you will work from the outside – in experiencing with a variety of mediums including text, photographs, textiles and other collage materials to bring your essence to life.

This is a chance for you to really appreciate with colour and shape. By combining morning yoga with art, the mind is instantly more receptive and self-aware leading to wonderful expression and a deeper insight.

Your Accommodation
You stay at a villa in the southern part of Bali where you can be completely at peace and breathe in the natural energy that permeates this wholesome island.

Enjoy this unique experience, lose yourself in the serenity of Bali and rediscover yourself through art.

Scope of Services
✔ Two full day immersive arts workshop
✔ Art supplies e.g. canvas, paint and easels
✔ Two night stay in the southern part of Bali
✔ All meals and a selection of beverages
✔ Dinner cooking class with a local chef
✔ Daily yoga
✔ Transport
✔ SIM card

Destination Bali, Indonesia

Availability: In stock

2,650.00 SGD
2,650.00 SGD

Availability: In stock

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