Yin Yang in Singapore

Yin Yang yoga is dynamic, active sequences working on a muscular level for building strength and fitness combined with slower quieter practices working deeper on the joints and connective tissue and calming the nervous system.

About Kuan:
Kuan has completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Point/Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India, Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Course in Singapore. One of her motivations to evangelize the benefits of yoga is its true sense of peace and joy that yoga has to offer - on and off the mat. Her classes focus on body alignment, breathing, learning to find space from within to feel calm and blissful in body and mind.

Location Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village
Contact+65 6698 6637

Maximum number of students: 8

Friday09:00 – 10:00

Availability: In stock

35.00 SGD
35.00 SGD

Availability: In stock

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