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Meditating Office Worker

From Workplace Wellness “Programs” to Total Cultures of Wellness at Work

Explore the importance of workplace wellness and its approach to evolve into bringing to work a full set of human qualities related to wellness, such as intrinsic motivation, creativity, energy, intuition, and empathy.


Healthy Connections

Create Healthy Connections with Wellness Communities

Last month, we talked about the pressure of work and stress that exist in every corner of our lives. Thankfully, there is a cure to this seemingly never-ending illness. The answer is simple: just fully take in the concept of wellness, as long as you mentally set yourself open to more positivity!


Bamboo Fabric

Trend from Lifestyle Vietnam: Bamboo Fabric

Having a rich culture and colorful history, Vietnam is becoming Asia’s newest Sustainable Community. Vietnamese fashion designers have been creating their collections with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. One of the most well-known resources in Vietnam is Bamboo, more specifically, Bamboo Fabric.